My father was born in Kent so Kent research is an important part of my genealogy. I'll use this blog to post snippets of interest about Kent or people from Kent, interesting Kent websites or any other Kent miscellany I find.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Kent Online Parish Clerks

If you are researching in Kent, don't forget to look at the Online Parish Clerks site to see if your parish is listed.

The amount of information available online will vary but to see what can be done have a look at the Maidstone site which is treasure trove if you have ancestors from there.

Often there are directory entries, parish register transcriptions, old photos, maps, newspaper entries, probate transcriptions, sometimes a list of people researching in the area.

Definitely worth a look.

Other counties with an active Online Parish Clerk projects are :

Cornwall, Cumberland & Westmorland, Devon ,  Dorset, Essex ,  Hampshire, Lancashire ,   Leicestershire
Somerset, now including Bristol , Sussex ,Warwickshire and  Wiltshire.