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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Murder of Mr Sack of Penhurst

From The Morning Post,  (London,  England), Tuesday, August 10, 1819;

Of the  79 prisoners on the calendar, 18 were capitally convicted, and five following  left for execution, viz:- Henry LANGRIDGE , 35, for the murder of Mr. SAXE ,  of Penshurst, about six years ago;  Abraham ABRAHAMS , 24, Judah SOLOMON ,  36, and Joseph SOLOMON , for being accessories in planning a burglary and  felony, at Minster, Isle of Sheppy, of which three men were convicted at the  last Maidstone Assizes;  and John CRUTTENDEN , aged 33 ( indicted on the  Black Act ) for feloniously and maliciously cutting a number of hop binds,  growing on poles, in a plantation belonging to Mr. Samuel SANTER , of Benenden.  This, we believe, is the first capital conviction that ever followed an offence of this kind. 

From The Morning Post ( London,  England ), Tuesday, February 16, 1813;

ANOTHER ATROCIOUS  MURDER.  -  Mr. R. SACK , of Penshurst, Sussex, farmer,was  barbarously murdered on Monday evening last, by Henry LANGRIDGE , a labourer,  who resided in a cottage belonging to Mr. SACK . LANGRIDGE has absconded. 

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