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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Newspaper Miscellany: Shrubsall

From The Ipswich Journal ( Ipswich,  England ), Tuesday, August 22, 1882;
Issue 8049.

TWO CHILDREN  SUFFOCATED.  -  Mr. W. J. HARRIS , coroner, held an inquest at  Sittingbourne last week night on the bodies of George SHRUBSALL , aged four, and  Agnes SHRUBSALL , aged two, the children of Alfred SHRUBSALL ,fisherman.   The children died from suffocation by smoke through a fire breaking out at their  home on Sunday evening. They were put to bed early in the evening, and shortly  afterwards fire broke out and made rapid progress.  The children were  removed from the burning building; but they were both insensible, and died afterwards.

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  1. Hi Helen,
    these children were the great aunt and uncle of a Shrubsall descendant i am researching a tree for in Australia. Do you have any more on this family in Sittingbourne? Looking for information about the fishing industry there too as there seem to have been many generations of Shrubsalls as mariners/fishermen. You can email me at Thanks. Jane